This website launched in late August of last year, but already, we’ve been bowled over by many clients who have purchased the Linden fragrance three times over in this time.  Illinois-based professional guitarist Michael Taylor is one of those clients, who surprised me with his use of the fragrance:

“I use it in my studio. I’m thinking of spraying it inside the sound holes of my acoustics.  I think it’s a nice, subtle fragrance, not overpowering at all. A little bit of springtime in a bottle,” Taylor says.

“One of my students who is into fragrances really likes it.  She told me Prince used to spray perfume on his feet before going to bed. I did not know that. Potential marketing slogan here, ‘Prince probably would have used Linden on his toes!’” 

Taylor reports that his student recalls hearing this story via a PBS or NPR’s All Things Considered, Fresh Air type of program following the news of Prince’s death in 2016, but I haven’t been able to source it online anywhere.  If anyone knows of this story’s origin, please share!  

What DID Prince smell like?  Madonna, who dated Prince in the 80s, famously stated in a Rolling Stone Magazine interview that he smelled like lavender.  Other reports say that he favored Annick Goutal’s Eau d’Hadrien and Eau Du Sud.  His memoir collaborator Dan Piepenbring did mention in a Fresh Air interview that Prince “certainly exuded a fragrance.”

Given that Prince released a casual perfume for women called “3121” in 2007 that features notes of a white floral, perhaps he would have liked Air & Weather’s Linden…who knows? 

The only certainty that can be gleaned about Prince’s fond regard for fragrance might be found in his lyrics for his 1981 song “Cool,”  “I wear the finest perfume money can buy.  It keeps me smelling’ like a rose…”

Here’s a video of Michael Taylor performing not a Prince song but a solo instrumental guitar favorite, Santo & Johnny’s Sleep Walk.